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Jeff Butler is an author and workplace strategist who explores human behavior within the working world. His experience spans over 40 industries in 4 continents on how different cultures and employees interact with each other. He studies common threads of behavior in industries such as IT professionals, underground utility workers, police officers to clothing retail chains. In addition, companies like Google, Amazon, John Deere, and Coldwell Banker.


As a researcher and practitioner, he also runs a consulting company and a tech company, TrinityFix where he is able to test his ideas in different workplace environments. His ideas have made it to TEDx twice, appeared in dozens of media outlets including two books on human behavior:- The Authentic Workplace and The Key To The New You . Currently, he lives in Dallas, Texas as an out of place Californian.


Terry Strada

Terry Strada is a mother, 9/11 widow and Special Interest Advocate. She serves as a liaison between victim's family members and survivors of the September 11 terrorist attack against the United States and the U.S. Congress, Administration, Department of Justice and media. Her pursuit for justice, accountability and the truth have led to successes in Washington DC including declassification of the '28 pages' from the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Agency Activities Before and After the September 11th, Terrorist Attack, overriding a Presidential veto enacting the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorist Act - 'JASTA' and the introduction of the bipartisan, bicameral S. 2654 "September 11 Transparency Act of 2021" which later became the basis for President Biden's Executive Order on September 3, 2021, directing the Department of Justice and other relative agencies review of documents related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's September 11 investigations, resulting in troves of newly declassified documents never seen before. 

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David Magley is a retired American basketball player and coach. He is currently the president of The Basketball League after serving as commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC). Prior to becoming an NBLC executive, Magley was head coach of Bradenton Christian School in Bradenton, Florida, for 11 years. He played basketball at South Bend LaSalle High School. Following his senior year, Magley was named Indiana Mr. Basketball, and was selected to the Academic All-State and Parade All American teams.


Dave was drafted with the fifth pick in the second round of the 1982 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his one NBA season, Dave appeared in fourteen games, recording a total of twelve points and ten rebounds. Magley also spent several years in the Continental Basketball Association for the Wyoming Wildcatters, Albany Patroons and Tampa Bay Thrillers.

Derek Laliberte

Derek Laliberte is the founder of a Brand Engagement Agency called Disruptur. He served on the board of RemedyLive for seven years. He's a former all-American athlete and a published author. Derek is also a former winner of Fort Wayne's 40 under 40 and a three-time platinum award winner for the Movement Foundation.

Derek works daily with clients on sales and marketing strategies. He writes playbooks and processes and creates marketing campaigns that focus more on the earned media than he does on the paid. He always encourages his clients to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

"Once I started opening up to people and being honest about what matters to me, I started connecting in ways I never dreamed possible. It's the foundation for who Disruptur is and why it exists."

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